Executive Summary

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Who we are;

Rosenbridge Technology is a next generation financial technology company focused on providing secured payment messaging to developing economies.

The global Funding Problem

Within the financial sector there are huge volumes of payment messages sent every second. In developing countries sending payments and payment messages can take upto 3 – 5 working days. This means that businesses and people have to wait days in developing areas where as in developing countries these payments and messages are instant. Developing businesses need funds quicker than currently

Key Findings

  • Consistent Increasing demand for funding alternatives and payment messaging alternatives.
  • There is a large gap in the sector for instantaneous secure payment messaging.
  • Huge volumes of payment which cannot be facilitated in desired time lines.
  • Businesses and Firms have an appetite for this product and service.

Solution to the Litigation funding problem.

By offering a secured and decimated payment messaging network these firms and business can grow exponentially. As the messaging volumes are already available our business can benefit from turn key revenue with our pre subscribed partners.  We can capitalise on a group of 260 firms and institutions within our groups and then develop other products to meet increasing demand for a range of other markets. By managing the whole process from application, securitisation, and transmission we will offer a swift efficient client experience as well as superior products.


RBT already have agreements in place at the to supply services to a number of panel members. These agreements currently revolve around payment messaging services however partnering more business with further establish our business and messaging network. we are looking to expand on these numbers progressively as we venture to whole of market secure payment messaging.

By offering a more efficient cost effective service to our clients. We believe we can take a significant portion of market share, and retain our customer base with more competitive rates and better products to meet their requirements.

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