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Block Money is a venture that seeks to change the institutional banking framework by leveraging blockchain technology. Initiated in August 2017 the Block Money project will be a commercial and SME lending platform that utilises blockchain and smart contract technology. BNRT and the Block Money ecosystem will be the first backed with the assets and balance sheet of a regulated financial institution.

“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.”- Bill Mollison


Propelling independent business

By providing commercial loans, Block Money aims to give everyday people the chance to see their entrepreneurial ideas take shape. We will achieve this by providing borrowers next generation financial products all secured with Blockchain technology. Doing so provides businesses in the developing world with more flexible borrowing criteria. In addition, diversifying acceptable collateral will enable Block Money to originate more loans, thus stimulating the value of the token as more loans are accessed.

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Long term appreciation

Blockchain has undoubtedly altered the banking industry. 77% of financial services are expected to have incorporated blockchain into their systems by 2020. With the FinTech industry growing at an exponential rate, the development of artificial inteIigence and blockchain-based technology in the banking industry is fast becoming encompassing and diverse. Blockchain technology, with its distributed ledgers, has clearly brought something new to the table.

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